Juan Gallo

Staff Researcher
Diagnostic Tools and Methods

Juan Gallo is a Staff Research in the Advanced (magnetic) Theranostic Nanostructures Lab within the Nano4health Unit (Department of Life Sciences) at INL. His research interests focus on the application of nanomaterials to human healthcare. With this idea on mind, his efforts are focused on two fronts. On one hand he has a keen interest on fundamental processes governing nanoparticle behavior on biomedical applications, such as T1T2 interactions on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents or basic magnetic hyperthermia processes. In this more basic area, his efforts are also placed on the proof-of-concept development of responsive contrast agents (responsive to redox conditions or pH conditions, biomarkers…) for MRI and optical imaging. On the other hand, his research focusses on the development of (para)magnetic and optic nanostructures as probes for a combined diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The design of hybrid organic-inorganic drug delivery systems with imaging capabilities is another one of his interests.

Juan Gallo obtained his PhD from the University of the Basque Country working at CIC biomaGUNE under Prof. Penadés. Then he moved to the UK where he spent 4 years at Imperial College London working for Prof. Long and Aboagye developing specific nanoparticulated probes as contrast agents for MRI, PET and ultrasound applications.

Selected Publications