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Creative and high value added technologies may have a low impact on the society if they are not properly defined, conducted, protected and disclosed. Principal Investigators and Researchers are essential to guarantee the development of new products and Technologies through adequate policies and methodologies. One of the key elements to develop new inventions is a well-kept laboratory logbook.

A Laboratory logbook is vital as evidence of the research conducted in the lab and hence a complete legal document proving the right to ownership of a related patent. There are many specific procedures to follow when keeping your laboratory logbook, but in general, INL researchers should always remember to record: what was done; who did it; when it was done; why it was done; what were the results; and what conclusions were drawn.

Ideally, a laboratory logbook will allow a reviewer to determine the nature of the project, when it began and when it was completed, what ideas were considered, the compounds made or circuits and equipment actually built and tested, the results of all tests, final conclusions reached, and the dates related to all of the above.

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