Aqrab Ul Ahmad

Aqrab Ul Ahmad


Nanostructured Materials

Aqrab ul Ahmad is a research fellow at the Nanostructured Materials Research Group, and is involved in the FUNLAYERS Project, which is funded by the European Union and focuses on the growth and microscopic studies of 1D and 2D magnetic hetero-structures for advanced electronics applications.

He completed his doctorate in solid-state electronics and microelectronics at Dalian University of Technology in China [2020].He developed an innovative synthesis method to functionalize the 2D layered material h-BN with ad atoms. He started working as an assistant professor of physics at the Riphah International University campus in Faisalabad, Pakistan [2021]. In order to carry out his teaching and research responsibilities, he established an advanced 2D materials growth lab at the Department of Physics and supervised fifteen graduate students.

His professional background has given him the opportunity to gain expertise in a variety of areas, including magnetism, supercapacitors, photo-catalysis, thermoelectric and SERS sensors, to understand the physics of 2D materials and their composites. He has authored over thirty peer-reviewed scientific articles.

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