Aqrab Ul Ahmad


Nanostructured Materials

Aqrab ul Ahmad joined INL in February 2023 as a Research fellow and works in the Nanostructured Materials Group. His main tasks are the growth of novel 2D layered and van der waals magnetic nanostructures with controlled morphology and compositions using CVD, CVT and solution-processed methods for advanced electronic applications.

He did his PhD in microelectronics and solid-state electronics from the Dalian University of Technology China.[2020]. During his education, he developed novel synthesis routes for growing 2D nanosheets of layered materials [h-BN, Graphene, metal chalcogenides]. He got training in the synthesis, fabrication and characterizations of 2D materials-based energy storage and health monitoring devices. After completing of PhD, he joined Riphah International University Faisalabad campus in Pakistan as an Assistant Professor of Physics [2021]. He performed his teaching and research duties by supervising graduate students. He established an Advanced 2D materials growth lab in the Department of Physics. His research interests are the growth and utilization of 2D nanostructures for energy, health and microelectronics fields. He is the author of more than thirty peer-reviewed scientific articles.

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