Diogo Moreira


Medical Devices

Diogo Moreira is a Junior Research Fellow working for the Medical Devices group at INL. The Medical Devices group focuses on the development of technologies for a better understanding and diagnosis of diseases. In particular, his focus is on the production of Microdroplets for single-cell sensing under the project BIOCELLPHE (Ultrasensitive BIOsensing platform for multiplex CELLular protein PHEnotyping at single-cell level). This work requires multidisciplinary fields such as Microfluidics, Microscopy (SEM, Raman and Fluorescence) and cell culture.

Diogo Moreira graduated from the University of Minho in 2024 with an MSc in Biophysics and Bionanossystems. His thesis, under the title of "Biorecognition of single cancer cells in microdroplets through a plasmonic sensor", was carried out at INL in the Medical Devices group, operating as a guest student.

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