Isabel Rodriguez

Staff Researcher

Food Processing and Nutrition

Dr Isabel Rodríguez Amado is a Staff Researcher in the Food Processing and Nutrition group at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) in Braga, Portugal. Her research focuses on developing innovative ingredients and foods to improve their nutritional and healthy properties, particularly for obese and diabetic populations.

Isabel holds a PhD in Food Biotechnology from the Universidade de Vigo  (Spain, 2005-2009), in which she focused on applying bioactive compounds and probiotics to improve foods' safety and nutritional value. She took on sequential postdoctoral positions at the Marine Research Institute (IIM-CSIC, Spain, 2010-2012), University of Minho (Portugal, 2013-2014), University of Reading (UK, 2014-2015), and INL (2016-2019), as MPA. Through these years, she has gained experience in recovering and producing bioactive compounds and biopolymers from by-products of the agrifood industry and their application in food personalization using nanotechnology.

Isabel has >50 peer-reviewed publications, c.a. 30 contributions to conferences and 8 book chapters. She has also been active in co-supervising Master's and PhD students and teaching internationally (Vigo, Reading and Braga). In 2022, she was ranked by the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) among the top 5000 Spanish scientific women.

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