João Martinho Moura

Research Engineer

Technology Engineering Group

João Martinho Moura joined the Technology Engineering Group team at INL in 2021, collaborating as a Research Engineer in data visualization, virtual and augmented reality, computer vision, digital media, and artificial intelligence.

João Martinho Moura is a researcher and Portuguese media artist working with Science and Arts since 2005. Researches media art, interfaces, visualization, electronic music, and virtual environments. In 2013, he received the National Multimedia Art and Culture Award in Lisbon for his contribution to the media arts in Portugal, and he has been presenting his work internationally in more than 18 countries. He holds a Master’s degree in Technology and Digital Arts from the University of Minho and is a PhD candidate in Science and Technology of the Arts at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University. Founding member of the Artech-International Association, partner of the Artistic Cooperative AuAuFeioMau, and member of Braga Media Arts. Since 2013, he has collaborated, as an invited media artist, in some international institutions such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the International Iberian Laboratory of Nanotechnology (INL), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and UNESCO. In 2018, he was selected as an artist at the European Commission’s STARTS (Science, Technology and Arts) program, presenting his work and research results at INL in Braga, IRCAM, Centre Pompidou, Centquatre in Paris, and Seoul’s Art Center Nabi. In 2020, he was selected as an artist at the MindSpaces program, a European Commission initiative to create new urban and architectural approaches integrating immersive ‘neuroenvironments’.


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