José Tamagno Pesqueira


Medical Devices

Tamagno Pesqueira, BSc degree in Bioengineering (University of Beira Interior, 2013) and Integrated Masters in Biomedical Engineering, with specialization in Biomaterials, Rehabilitation, and Biomechanics (University of Minho, 2017). After graduation, he joined the University of Aveiro (CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, 2017-2020) as a research fellow, working on the fabrication of highly structured nanoarchitectures through layer-by-layer assembly, and studying the behaviour of endothelial cells on the development of topography-guided vascular networks. He joined the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL, 2020-2022) as a junior research fellow within the Medical Devices group for the development of an automated microfluidic platform for diagnosis and monitoring of cancer through liquid biopsy. He is currently a PhD student in Biomedicine (field of Cellular and Biology of Cancer) at the University of Barcelona (2022-now) with joint work at INL in the Medical Devices group under the supervision of Dra. Lorena Diéguez and Dra. Sara Abalde-Cela, and the Institute or Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) under the supervision of Prof. Elena Martínez. His PhD research work is focused on engineering an organ-on-chip device to study brain tropism in lung cancer metastasis. His research interests include (i) engineering biomaterials combined with cells towards the development of translation concepts to be used in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, (ii) studying cell-cell and cell-material interactions (mechanobiology), (iii) understanding the onset of organ-specific cancer metastasis (iv) fluid mechanics and organ-on-chip, and (v) computational biology and modelling.

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