Pedro Carrinho

Research Engineer

Technology Engineering Group

Pedro Carrinho is currently working as a Research Engineer at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in the Technology and Engineering Group (TEG). Being part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) team, his tasks revolve around developing Machine Learning (ML) and High-performance Computing (HPC) solutions to solve problems in the industry. These tasks include working closely with business organizations to develop, deploy, and maintain machine learning models used to satisfy their needs, researching novel techniques that could be applied in the industry, and writing scientific articles. His areas of expertise are Computer Vision, including Object Detection and Image classification Classification, Unsupervised-Learning techniques, and High-performance Computing algorithms.

Pedro Carrinho's academic background includes an Integrated Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering (3-year BsC + 2-year MsC), in the University of Coimbra, having specialized in the Computer Branch, and a post-graduate degree in Data Science and Unsupervised Analysis in Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, as well as some publications in the AI field.

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