Raquel Pereira



Raquel Pereira is a Junior Research Fellow at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) in Braga, Portugal. She specializes in the development of novel biomedical tools, including biosensors and drug-delivery platforms.

Raquel has an MSC in Molecular Bioengineering from the University of Porto in Porto, Portugal. From 2022-2023, she worked as a Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Sensors and Engineering (LabRISE) in Porto, Portugal. Here, she developed new biosensors for ageing diseases (project 2IQBIONEURO) and diabetic foot ulcers (project SmartBioPatch). Since 2023, she has been working on an industrial project (Goldmine) at INL, developing bacteriophage cocktail-loaded dissolving microneedles for application in diabetic wounds.

Raquel has been awarded a BSc (2IQBIONEURO) and an MSc (SmartBioPatch) research grant. She has also presented her work at an international conference (Neuro Forum 2023) and has published two papers as a first author.

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