Renato Gil


Water Quality

Renato Gil is a Research Fellow in the Water Quality Research Group at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL). His research is focused on developing miniaturized potentiometric sensors based on ion-selective membranes and their integration into microfluidic platforms for application in food and environmental fields.

Renato Gil is a pharmacist who graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences with an MSc (2014) and a European PhD degree (Analytical Chemistry Specialty, 2022) from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto (Portugal). During his PhD, he focused on the synergic coupling between liquid chromatography and potentiometric detection to develop cost-effective and reliable analytical applications for food and water analysis. He joined INL as a Research Fellow in 2022 to develop online monitoring systems for relevant water chemical parameters. Renato published 9 peer-reviewed papers, 7 as a first author, 3 book chapters, and performed 9 oral communications and 4 poster presentations at national and international conferences. He has been awarded by U.Porto Innovation at the Business Ignition Programme 2020.

Selected Publications

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