Temple Douglas


Ultrafast Bio- and Nanophotonics

Temple Douglas is a Research Fellow in the Ultrafast Bio-and Nanophotonics group led by Jana Nieder. She is working on the development of a novel diagnostic technique to be applied to the early detection of cancer in the context of the ''Health in Portugal'' PRR. Her research focuses on the development of multimodal techniques for the physical characterization of biomarkers, with the goal of this being used as a prescreening tool.

Temple studied Physics at Princeton University,  with specializations in Materials Science and Biophysics. Her PhD in Biomedical Engineering was awarded from Virginia Tech and Wake Forest Universities in 2018. Her previous research has contributed to the development of two new diagnostic techniques, a Lyme disease diagnostic test using nanoparticles to sequester low-abundance bacterial proteins from urine, and a tumour-cell separation device that separates cells by aggressiveness, maintaining viability while remaining label-free.

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