Tim Böhnert

Staff Researcher


Since 2014, I have been a researcher in the Spintronics group at INL and, since 2021, in a tenured position. My current research interests are focused on spintronic effects in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) and spintronic circuits, which combine multiple MTJ devices. I published one work on a spintronic circuit combining three MTJs for neuromorphic computation and two works on 3-terminal measurements on MTJs combining the spin Hall effect and spin transfer torques.

I am the author/co-author of ~50 peer-reviewed scientific papers that achieved an h-factor of 19 with more than 1000 citations. I am a co-inventor in one patent application submitted at INL.

I attended a Porto Business School “From the Lab to the Market” workshop and four H2020 proposal writing trainings. I am working on four European projects and provide my expertise in spin transfer torques, spin Hall effects, and current switching in MTJs.

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