Alec LaGrow

Facility Manager
AEMIS Facility

Alec is a physical chemist with extensive experience in nanomaterial characterization with aberration-corrected electron microscopes and in-situ transmission electron microscopy. He received his PhD in 2012 from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, working on the synthesis and structural characterization of shape-controlled nanoparticles. He carried out post-doctoral fellowships from 2013-2018 at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, the University of York, and the University of College London working on the in-situ and ex-situ characterization of nanomaterials. Alec joined INL in 2018 as a Facility Manager in electron microscopy.

Selected Publications

  • LaGrow, A. P.; Lloyd, D. C.; Gai, P. L.; Boyes, E. D.
    In-Situ Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of Ni Nanoparticle Redispersion via the Reduction of Hollow NiO
    Chemistry of Materials 2018
  • LaGrow, A. P.; Ward, M. R.; Lloyd, D. C.; Gai, P. L.; Boyes, E. D.
     Visualizing the Cu/Cu2O Interface Transition in Nanoparticles with Environmental Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017
  • LaGrow, A. P.; Besong, T. M. D.; AlYami, N. M.; Katsiev, K.; Anjum, D. H.; AbdElkader, A.; Costa, P. M. F. J.; Burlakov, V. M.; Goriely, A.; Bakr, O. M.;
    Trapping Shape-Controlled Nanoparticle Nucleation and Growth Stages via Continuous-Flow Chemistry
    Chemical Communications 2017
  • LaGrow, A. P.; Sinatra, L.; Elshewy, A.; Huang, K-W.; Katsiev, K.; Kirmani, A. R.; Amassian, A.; Anjum, D. H.; Bakr, O. M.
    Effect of Precursor Ligands and Oxidation State in the Synthesis of Bimetallic Nano-Alloys
    Chemistry of Materials 2015
  • LaGrow, A. P.; Cheong, S.; Watt, J.; Ingham, B.; Toney, M. F.; Jefferson, D. A.; Tilley, R. D.
    Can Polymorphism be Used to form Branched Metal Nanostructures?
    Advanced Materials 2013