Cosimo Spagnolo

Research Engineer

Cosimo joined INL (2018) as a Research Engineer in Nanodevices Group, Department of Nanoelectronics Engineering, under Paulo Freitas supervision.

He holds a Bachelor degree (2012) in Physical Engineering and a Master degree (2014) in Nanotechnologies for ICTs, Electronic Engineering class, from Polytechnic of Turin. His master thesis project was focused on the development of a microfabricated structure for organic semiconductors characterization. This work was carried out in Trustech Srl, a private transfer technology company, cleanroom owner, where he started working as a Nanotechnology Process Engineer. During his three years in Trustech, he acquired hands-on expertise in micro and nanofabrication (thin film deposition, etching and photolithography), polymer processing, microfluidics and biomedical device research and development. He was involved in science and technology consulting and in collaborative research and industrial projects. In 2016 he co-invented and submitted a patent for a diagnostic device for quality control and food safety.