Luís Paulo Santos

Cooperation Associate
Quantum Software Engineering

Luís Paulo Santos is a researcher of the Quantum Software Engineering (QSE) group in the Department of Quantum Materials, Science and Technology at INL, and assistant professor of Computer Science at the University of Minho.

His main research interests are high fidelity light transport simulation, with emphasis on global illumination rendering, and parallel processing. In particular, he is interested in exploiting a priori knowledge to reduce the computational workload, exploiting approaches such as classical / Bayesian Monte Carlo integration and compressive sensing. More recently, he became interested in quantum computing and how can this emerging paradigm be leveraged under the context of hyper-dimensional integrals and optimisation problems, such as those present in areas such as light transport and finances.

He is currently the chair of Eurographics Portuguese chapter and member of the Eurographics Executive Committee.

Selected Publications