Martin Lopez-Garcia

Group Leader
Natural and artificial photonic structures and devices

Dr. Martin Lopez Garcia leads the Natural and Artificial Photonic Structures and Devices Research Group at INL. Martin’s main interests lie in the study of light-matter interactions in natural nanostructures and the development of biomimetic strategies for photonic applications. He is particularly interested in bioinspiration for energy harvesting.

Martin received his degree in Physics (with a specialization in Optoelectronics) by the University of Santiago de Compostela. Later he obtained a PhD for his work on self-assembled hybrid photonic-plasmonic crystals in the Material Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM-CSIC). In 2012 he joined the Photonics Group of the University of Bristol where he participated in the development of photonic devices for quantum technologies and the study of the biophysical properties of natural photonic structures in plants and algae. He joined INL in 2017 to fund the NAPS Research Group where he combines material science, biotechnology and advanced optical characterization for the development of cost-effective and sustainable photonic materials and devices.

Selected Publications