Pedro Alpuim

Group Leader 
2D Materials and Devices

Pedro Alpuim is group leader in 2D Materials and Devices at INL. He works in CVD and 2D materials device fabrication, with an emphasis on biosensors. In particular, he develops graphene devices to detect biomarkers for medicine and environmental monitoring. 2D materials-based optoelectronic and plasmonic devices for sensing, single-photon emission, and THz spectroscopy are also within his research interests. P. Alpuim is a professor in the Physics Department of the University of Minho (UM), where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on the physics of electronic devices, nanotechnology, and clean-room fabrication.
He received a PhD degree in Materials Engineering from IST Lisbon in 2003, working in amorphous silicon thin-film devices for flexible electronics, and an MSc in Physics from the UM. He installed a thin-film laboratory at UM where he focused on the fabrication of thin-film silicon solar cells, piezoresistive sensor arrays for health care, and thermoelectric junctions of telluride compounds for micro-cooling and energy scavenging. He published more than 90 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has h-index=24.

Selected Publications