Purushottam Joshi

Research Fellow

After his Engineering degree from Gulbarga University, India, Purushottam worked at Ceramic Technological Institute, BHEL-EPD, Bangalore. He completed his PhD from the University of Leeds, UK and received Overseas Research Scholarship for his PhD studies.

Before joining the INL in Braga, Purushottam worked at Raja Ramanna Center for Advanced Technologies, Laird Technologies and Shriram Institute for Industrial Research. He has five patents and eighteen international journal publications and has expertise in product development and certification. Purushottam research interest includes photonic glasses, optical fibre devices (lasers, amplifiers and sensors), functional materials, nanomaterials synthesis, processing and characterisations. He also received young scientist award from Indian ceramic society.

Selected Publications

  • A Purkayastha, P Joshi
    Synthesis of silver, antimony, and tin doped bismuth telluride nanoparticles and bulk bismuth telluride to form bismuth telluride composites
    US Patent 8,748,726
  • P Joshi
    Bismuth antimony telluride nano-bulk composites with high figures of merit (ZT)
    EP Patent WO/2014/051,709
  • P Joshi, B Richards, A Jha
    Reduction of OH− ions in tellurite glasses using chlorine and oxygen gases
    Journal of Materials Research 28 (23), 3226-3233
  • P Joshi, S Shen
    Er3+ -doped boro-tellurite glass for optical amplification in the 1530–1580 nm
    Journal of Applied Physics 103 (8), 083543
  • A Jha, B Richards, G Jose, T Teddy-Fernandez, P Joshi, X Jiang
    Rare-earth ion doped TeO2 and GeO2 glasses as laser materials
    Progress in Materials Science 57 (8), 1426-1491