Raffaele Santagati

Staff Researcher
Quantum and Linear-Optical Computation

Raffaele Santagati is a Staff Researcher in the Quantum and Linear-Optical Computation (QLOC) group.
Raffaele’s interests range from quantum information processing to quantum simulation, quantum machine learning and quantum sensing. In QLOC Raffaele is exploring new architectures for quantum computation with photons, methods for efficiently simulate quantum systems with quantum computers and for characterising quantum systems.

Raffaele was awarded a PhD in quantum physics from the University of Bristol (UK) for developing the first devices for quantum information processing in silicon quantum photonics.
He proposed and demonstrated a protocol for calculating eigenvalues of physical Hamiltonians on quantum computers.
At Bristol, he also demonstrated novel methods combining machine learning and quantum computers to characterise quantum systems from experiments and to improve the room-temperature sensitivity of quantum sensors.

Selected Publications

  • Santagati, Wang, Gentile, Paesani, Wiebe, McClean, Short, Shadbolt, Bonneau, Silverstone, Tew, Zhou, O’Brien, Thompson
    Witnessing eigenstates for quantum simulation of Hamiltonian spectra
    Science Advances 4, 1, eaap9646 (2018)
  • Wang, Paesani, Ding, Santagati, Skrzypczyk, Salavrakos, Tura, Augusiak, Mančinska, Bacco, Bonneau, Silverstone, Gong, Acín, Rottwitt, Oxenløwe, O’Brien, Laing, Thompson
    Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics
    Science, 360, 6386, 285-291 (2018)
  • Santagati, Gentile, Knauer, Schmitt, Paesani, Granade, Wiebe, Osterkamp, McGuinness, Wang, Thompson, Rarity, Jelezko, Laing
    Magnetic-field-learning using a single electronic spin in diamond with one-photon-readout at room temperature
    Phys. Rev. X 9, 021019 (2019)
  • Silverstone, Santagati, Bonneau, Strain, Sorel, O’Brien and Thompson
    Qubit entanglement between ring-resonator photon-pair sources on a silicon chip
    Nature Communications 6, 7948 (2015)
  • Wang, Paesani, Santagati, Knauer, Gentile, Wiebe, Petruzzella, L O’Brien, G Rarity, Laing, Thompson
    Experimental quantum Hamiltonian learning
    Nature Physics 1, 149 (2017)