Sara Abalde-Cela

Staff Researcher
Medical Devices

Dr Sara Abalde-Cela is a Staff Researcher at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory ( * * INL* *) in Braga, Portugal (2019-now). She works within the Medical Devices group, and her research focuses on the development of optofluidic platforms for the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer. Mainly, she applies Raman spectroscopy as an interrogation technique to develop novel biosensors, mostly directed to the detection of single cells and metastasis underlying mechanisms.

Sara holds a PhD in nanotechnology by the * * Universidade de Vigo* * (Spain, 2008-2013) and postdoctoral experience at the * * University of Cambridge* * (UK, 2013-2016). Her experience in research gathers expertise from nanotechnology and Raman spectroscopy to microfluidics and microdroplets for biotechnology applications. Sara won several funding, research awards and recognitions along with her career, she has >50 contributions to conferences (> 15 invited), 23 peer-reviewed publications (h-index=14 GoS) and 1 filed patent. She has also been involved in lecturing, science outreach and start-up programs in Cambridge, London, Vigo and Braga.

Sara is also the co-founder and CTO of the start-up RUBYnanomed (2018 – now).

Selected Publications

  • S. Abalde-Cela, et al.
    A SERS-based 3D nanobiosensor: towards cell multiplex metabolite monitoring, (2020)
    _ _ Materials Advances_ _, 1, 1613-1621 * Featured in cover
  • J. L. Paris, F. Coelho, A. Teixeira, L. Diéguez, B. Silva, S. Abalde-Cela,*
    In vitro evaluation of lipopolyplexes for gene transfection: comparing 2D, 3D and microdroplet-enabled cell culture (2020)
    _ _ Molecules_ _, 25(14), 3277
  • L. Rodríguez-Lorenzo, A. Garrido-Maestu, A. K. Bhunia, M. Prado, B. Espiña, L. Diéguez, S. Abalde-Cela*
    Gold Nanostars for the Detection of Foodborne Pathogens via Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Combined with Microfluidics, (2019)
    _ _ ACS Applied Nano Materials_ _ 2 (10), 6081-6086.