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BE.Neutral - Agenda de Mobilidade para a neutralidade carbónica nas cidades

Be.Neutral Agenda seeks to position Portugal as an exporter of cyber-physical zero-carbon mobility products to cities around the world. Its design arose from an opportunity to develop, industrialise and operate new mobility products and services (physical devices, connectivity and data science platforms) that are able to quantify the emissions avoided in real time so as to accelerate carbon neutrality by 2030.

Specific objectives are described as follows:
• Accelerate the development and industrialisation of a new generation of zero carbon mobility cyber-physical products (integrating physical mobility devices and charging systems, connectivity devices, and interoperable data science platforms) with high technological and innovation complexity, to promote the decarbonisation of cities.
• Introduce new sustainable mobility services in cities, provided in an integrated way (Mobility as a Service), with the ability to quantify, in real-time, the carbon emissions avoided with their adoption by users (Sustainability-as-a-Service);
• Create voluntary carbon markets at local and regional levels, converting carbon emissions avoided in mobility into digital credits (tokens), whose sale value to emitting companies will revert to finance other carbon neutrality projects in cities;
• Democratise access to mobility in cities, through the provision of inclusive and accessible solutions for all, promoting the participation of communities in the development, testing, and experimentation of mobility products and services in cities.

INL will participate in the development of a new generation of connectivity devices to be integrated into the Agenda’s devices (2-wheel, 4-wheel and buses) to enable their operation as cyber-physical products powered by the 5G communication infrastructure in urban environments.

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221,376,867.92 €

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1,209,971.21 €

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128,619,400.50 €

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1,209,971.21 €

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