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Sensitive Industry

The Sensitive Industry project aims to develop an industrial management system to support integrated decision making in the context of the Internet of Things. The contemporary industrial context is characterized by constant changes that oblige companies to continuously adjust their reality, in order to ensure their alignment with new demand trends and the highest quality standards in all their activities. The applicable management systems should, in this sense, accompany this development trajectory based on pillars of flexibility and adaptability. However, the current state of industrial management is predominantly dependent on the judgment, often empirical, of the intervenient in the industrial process, regarding the variables upon which they are able to act, which constitutes a clear limitation. 

In this context, the modeling technologies of cyber-physical systems have brought a new perspective on the use of data from instrumentation for decision-making. However, the expected performance levels of these inference systems are dependent on the frequent update on the different monitored variables, imposing the concept of synchronization. Based on this rationale, the present proposes to develop a new generation of orchestrated systems for industrial management, capable of enhancing the efficiency of industrial operations and supporting decision making.The project is based on the exploitation of emerging technologies, capitalized for the creation of a system with innovative components, from data collection to its upper abstraction layers. Its architecture is based on 3 fundamental and interconnected pillars, ie advanced sensing, computational platform, digital twin, which create an ecosystem capable of inferring, in real time, correlations between productive parameters and extracting high level information, capable of generating competitive advantages for the companies.

Total Eligible Budget

10,193,332.23 €

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909,008.01 €

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6,133,785.06 €

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681,756.01 €

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SI – Programas Mobilizadores

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North and Center of Portugal