EuroNanoForum 2021

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Green and Resilient Europe: What role for nano-enabled industries?

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials play a major role in our daily life as they guarantee the functioning, long term durability, safety, and environmental compatibility of many devices, machinery and services. Advanced materials can boost the transition to greener technologies, with improved characteristics and enhanced performance, contributing to a more sustainable future and contributing to the objectives set by the European Green Deal. Giving this central role of nanotechnology and advance materials and its relevance for a sustainable, social- and environmental-friendly growth, the EuroNanoForum 2021 will be addressing the role of nano-enabled industries in the drive towards a green and resilient Europe. Nanotechnology and advanced materials play a pivotal role in advancing technologies that can offer efficient solutions to societal challenges of our time and important issues that continue to haunt the global industrial supply chains. They exert a great impact on a large range of industrial sectors and are cornerstone to build a sustainable and green economy. Supporting this industrial transformation towards the EU prosperity requires reinvigorating the research and industrial ecosystem, establish new communities and involve all groups in society in identifying nano-enabled technological priorities. The EuroNanoForum 2021 conference will be addressing the role of nano-enabled industries in this transformation towards the EU prosperity. The event will bring together experts across different sectors to identify policy options and priorities, to share insight on technical, industrial and social challenges, their views and ideas about the role of nanotechnology and advanced materials. This will be achieved with the collective effort of several actors encompassing researchers, innovators, industries, regions, public authorities, investors and civil society, in the co-creation of innovative solutions.

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