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Foods for diabetes and cognition

FODIAC aims to develop a dietary solution to tackle type 2 diabetes and cognitive dysfunction of the elderly. FODIAC will enhance the quality of R&I in Europe, promoting cooperation along the Food Value Chain. This is achieved through advanced international, intersectoral, cooperation between 7 academic and 8 industry partners. For this purpose, FODIAC assembles a European multi/interdisciplinary consortium, composed of partners in 5 countries that provide expertise in: extraction and purification of bioactive molecules, nanotechnology, nano/micro-encapsulation, toxicology, nutrition, biomarkers, clinical trial management. Rationale: lack of knowledge sharing among academia and industry acts as a barrier for the development of functional foods for the elderly, who represent one of the fastest-growing population segments worldwide. Approach and Outcomes: FODIAC coordinates the actions of individual partners, academic and industrial, using Exchange of Staff as a tool to capitalize on complementary competences to: i) conduct joint research; ii) protect the Intellectual Property based on this research; iii) foster the transference of the generated knowledge, skills, and technology to the industrial sector; and iv) exploit research output to the benefit of society. FODIAC’s outcomes will include: i) an increase in the R&I capacity among participating partners; ii) boosting of knowledge transfer of emerging micro/nano-biotechnologies from academia to industry, to develop cost-effective processes; iii) commercialization of new functional ingredients and functional foods containing antidiabetic and cognitive-enhancing bioactive molecules; iv) acceleration of the development of dietary recommendations and interventions based on those products, to improve the quality of life of the elderly; iv) a sustainable research network of academic and industrial partners and v) the leveraging of career perspectives of individual researchers, both in and outside academic institutions.

Total Eligible Budget

432,000.00 €

INL Eligible Budget

67,500.00 €

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432,000.00 €

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67,500.00 €

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MSCA-RISE Research and Innovation Staff Exchanges

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