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Graphene-enhanced Electro-Magnetic interference Shielding

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an interesting phenomenon that affects all electronic devices working in an environment surrounded by external sources of radiated signals and electromagnetic radiation, such as antennas and other electronic devices. Within the context of electromagnetic compatibility, EMI is considered a potential and major source of operating problems to electronic devices, as well as a cause of the performance and lifetime reduction, especially in a world where electronic devices are increasingly ubiquitous.

In this context, current shielding materials used to protect electronic devices from EMI, are based on heavy, brittle and expensive metals, while the major EMI applications have a huge demand for flexible, additive, light, and inexpensive materials. This is of crucial importance, for instance, for several vehicles. industries, from hybrid and electrical cars to airplanes, where weight reduction is imperative to increase autonomy and reduce carbon footprint. Graphene and related materials are considered the most promising and effective candidates for effective EMI shielding because of their excellent electrical properties, extremely high specific surface area, and unprecedented strength to weight ratio.

The GEMIS project aims to develop versatile EMI shielding solutions based on graphene materials and technology, as well as to make a significant impact in several applications and sectors that require highly versatile shielding solutions able to comply with various production processes. To achieve this, the project proposes the development of a universal formulation for a liquid dispersion of graphene materials with highly effective EMI shielding, and the consequent production of two EMI shielding composites based on polymers and epoxies. Finally, a custom-made equipment will be designed and fabricated to specifically apply the developed EMI shielding solutions on electric wires to be used in the automotive industry.

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1,171,622.84 €

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507,999.06 €

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865,012.92 €

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507,999.06 €

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SI – Projetos em Copromoção

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North of Portgual

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Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação