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A point-of-care and at-home digital device for non-invasive multiplexed diagnosis of clinical and resistant respiratory infections

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation fomented patients’ and clinicians’ awareness of a potentially harmful infectious environment at Hospitals, which triggered the acceptance for digital medicine, although clinicians still lack proper tools to monitor infections at-home to support the diagnosis. Thus, this project aims to validate the first electronic device with connectivity to monitor respiratory infections both at the point-of-care, in the ER, or at-home, in a fast and reliable manner, to assess the causing infectious agents and their associated drug resistance profile while in contact with the clinician, in real time. This enables a fast, accurate, and personalized diagnosis in acute phases but also chronically throughout time, as well as health data collection for disease monitoring of patients, and in future community surveillance. The proposed device is composed of an electronic reader and disposable cartridges. Each disposable cartridge is specific for a panel of infectious agents and associated drug resistance. The cartridges can be easily adjusted to other relevant conditions that would benefit from fast and accurate diagnosis and active surveillance, and are suitable for large scalability of the product.

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74,930.00 €

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25,000.00 €

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25,000.00 €

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EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology

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