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H2 Green Valley

The H2 Green Valley Agenda brings together a set of complementary projects in the green hydrogen (H2) value chain, focusing on the development of transmission, storage, and distribution infrastructure to create, in a coordinated, scalable, and innovative way, the first green H2 hub in Sines. Producers and consumers are interconnected within a common infrastructure, enabling cost-sharing and the development of innovative services, accelerating the energy transition towards a green economy. The Agenda will develop a green H2 transmission infrastructure, an injection and mixing system into the gas network, adapt the Sines gas distribution network, and develop equipment to implement a pilot program for converting residential consumers to H2 as a demonstrator for a future 100% green. The Agenda will create 4 new services and 8 products, reduce national CO2 emissions by 1% by 2027 and 2% by 2030, and decrease external energy dependence by 2% by 2030.

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Total Eligible Budget

24,547,227.86 €

INL Eligible Budget

384,746.49 €

Total Funding

10,334,099.07 €

INL Funding

384,746.49 €

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C645551860- 00000064

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