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ICECARE - Functional Cardio-Healthy Ice Cream | Gelados funcionais cardio-saudáveis

The ICECARE – Functional Cardio-Healthy Ice Cream project aims at a set of research and experimental development activities within the scope of new formulations, which will allow the incorporation of functional compounds (with health and nutritional properties) and reducing fat (total, saturated and trans type) in ice creams, maintaining their organoleptic properties.

The project aims to develop a new, functional, unique and innovative ice cream, in a concept previously created and tested by the project team.

In practical terms, and with a demonstrative character of the performance evaluation of the formulations developed and the sensory evaluation of the new ice creams, the project will first be evaluated and tested in a laboratory environment, with a scale-up for the industrial environment.

For the success of the project, a complete and multidisciplinary consortium was created, with complementary knowledge to support the development of the project, consisting of GELADO COLORIDO (leading company, whose main activity is the manufacture of ice cream), two entities of the R&D&i system with competencies to explore the lines of research envisaged, the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, and the University of Minho, through the Center for Biological Engineering (within the scope of techniques for incorporating formulations and functional compounds into ice cream, selecting materials, defining ice cream specifications, developing formulations, evaluating performance and monitoring quality characteristics and parameters), and SENSE TEST (a company dedicated to providing services in the area of sensory analysis with the aim of applying a dynamic sensory profile technique, unique in ice cream: Temporal Dominance of Sensations – TDS)

Total Eligible Budget

558,573.62 €

INL Eligible Budget

134,988.13 €

Total Funding

388,467.90 €

INL Funding

101,241.10 €

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SI – Projetos em Copromoção

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North of Portugal