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Innovative Consumer OrieNted Safe Solutions

The ICONSS proposal aims to develop, in the timeframe of the project, an integrated solution targeting consumers and food operators. This integrated solution will be made up of two modules: the first one, an app that will look at nutritional aspects for vulnerable population groups and create a food box from retailers ready to pick up or for home delivery, to minimize exposure in indoor environments particularly for vulnerable people. The second module, also connected to this unique app, will be a miniaturized device for fast, reliable and easy to use testing of workers and surfaces to ensure the safety in food-related environments, with special emphasis on retailers. This miniaturized kit and device will include sampling, a simplified RNA extraction and isothermal amplification and detection, ready to be used on decentralized settings with minimum interaction from users, and giving a simple and easy to read answer.

Total Eligible Budget

833,375.00 €

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367,125.00 €

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256,987.50 €

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