ITEC Smart Automation I4.0

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ITEC Smart Automation I4.0

The ITEC Smart Automation I4.0 project aims at developing technological solutions that will translate into the creation of value in ITEC products, responding to the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the growing demand of the automotive sector, with knowledge and skills generated in Portugal.

In particular, the ITEC Smart Automation I4.0 project has the main objectives of developing R&D solutions for transverse incorporation into the ITEC products available to the market in the fields of Robotics, Industrial Automation and Quality Control Systems, namely:

  • Automatic visual inspection:

New system for vision, optics and automatic inspection, equipped with computer vision algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (IA), which solves the limitations found in current systems related to human visual inspection. The system should characterize and solve several tasks, critical to ITEC, and contain features such as the traceability of the process inspected by the vision system, the collection of statistics in the inspection system, and the ability to debug the operation of the system in the line to determine which method failed to detect the defect in a product.

  • Smart Machines:

Smart Machine Systems, enabling ITEC equipment to be equipped with monitoring, self-diagnosis and self-tuning mechanisms, in particular for defects related to dispensing systems and screwdrivers (wiring).

  • Systematic software development processes:

New life cycle management and quality process for software products – provide the company with a systematized software development process with standardization of software development activities (system specification, implementation, testing, version control, etc.) and ensure the robustness of software developed through software quality verification and validation features.

Total Eligible Budget

2,513,091.89 €

INL Eligible Budget

463,721.69 €

Total Funding

1,958,632.43 €

INL Funding

347,791.27 €

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SI – Projetos em Copromoção

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North of Portugal