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(LINK4S)ustainability – A new generation connectivity system for creation and integration of networks of objects for new sustainability paradigms

The consortium Link4S, led by NOS-C in co-promotion with Wedo, Exatronic, REN, Portgás, Wyze, EVA, CEIIA, DTx, INL and Universidade do Minho, and with support of several associated partners (EDP, Matosinhos and Cascais Municipalities, Galp, IP, EMEL and UN Global Compact) is committed to working together in the generation of new scientific knowledge to design, develop, construct and test a novel generation of Smart Embedded Connected Devices and associated software platforms (communication network infrastructure and cyber applications), aiming at the integration of networks of objects and social networks in the context of mobility and energy ecosystems. The project will also foster and validate innovative business models and concepts, targeting robust and sustainable digital solutions. Accordingly, the main scientific objectives of the Project are:
To develop, demonstrate and validate a connectivity system of new generation with a high degree of customization for different business cases, built upon an integrated framework of cyber-physical systems;
To conceive, develop, produce and test a novel customizable system-in-package platform, integrating M/NEMS-sensors and a custom-processor in a single smart package, providing the low-level physical abstraction layer for the new generation of CPS-ready NB-IoT Devices;
To develop a new Smart Embedded Connected Device and software platforms responsible for the communication network infrastructure (NB-IoT/5G-ready), addressing ubiquitous connectivity;
To implement different horizontal Use Cases to validate and demonstrate the technologies and solutions to be developed within the project in two different sectors, namely Mobility and Energy.
Organically, the project will be structured in 6 PPS (i.e. subprojects): 3 for technological development, 2 for application and 1 for management, dissemination and intellectual property issues. LINK4S is expected to have a high impact in the industrial partners once it will build up highly technological and innovative solutions with significant multisector and regional importance, leveraged through a clustering strategy and effective science-industry partnerships. Moreover, the project will also contribute to positioning Portugal in the European and global contexts, as a key location to develop and demonstrate novel digital solutions, with the potential to improve the urban living standards and to reduce environmental impacts.

Total Eligible Budget

7,484,796.46 €

INL Eligible Budget

1,299,460.62 €

Total Funding

4,623,921.40 €

INL Funding

974,595.47 €

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SI – Programas Mobilizadores

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Lisbon, Center and North of Portugal

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Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação