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NanoLACCA - Development of nano-polimeric opaque and translucent top coats to increase material protection and paint performance

The NanoLacca project has as its main objective the development of coatings with differentiated and innovative characteristics to be applied in wood substrates. To achieve the project’s ambitioned objectives, there are R&D activities planned on nanomaterials’ functionalization and their incorporation into different types of polymer coatings, and the increased adhesion between the developed coatings and wood substrates. The R&D activities on the nanomaterials’ functionalization and coating processes will focus on the following approaches: ultraviolet and infrared radiation protection, increasing the degree of brightness, resistance to scratches, chemical resistance and isolation from wood tannins.

To guarantee the project’s success, a consortium was set up consisting of a company and an entity from the scientific and technological system (STS) and with complementary capacities. The promoter company is Tintas Lacca, specialized in the production of coatings and with a deep knowledge of the corresponding industrial processes as well as the markets. The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), an RTD entity, will be the main contributor of the R&D tasks, ensuring the know-how and the most modern technologies in this field, and supporting the transfer of technological developments to the industrial environment.

Therefore, the NanoLacca project will be developed by an R&D team covering the required skills and knowhow to ensure an adequate execution of the project, and that will potentiate its results in view of enriching the final products with increased value and innovation.

Total Eligible Budget

558,604.02 €

INL Eligible Budget

264,081.26 €

Total Funding

408,761.96 €

INL Funding

198,060.95 €

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SI – Projetos em Copromoção

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North of Portugal