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New Generation Storage

The New Generation Storage (NGS) Innovation Pact is fully aligned with the European Union's energy transition strategy until 2040 and the challenge of complete electrification of mobility by 2035. Based on a model structured in 8 Work Packages that cover the entire value chain of component production, battery packs, and recycling, it aims to add value at each stage of the process, culminating in a common goal: the creation of a new technological ecosystem in the field of batteries that will position the national industry prominently in the global market. Through the collaboration of 54 entities (30 companies and 24 ENESII), the aim is to structurally transform the national production fabric, creating the necessary conditions – both technologically and in terms of human resources – for an industrial ecosystem capable of mass-producing innovative technologies and a complete value chain that allows for world-class end-of-life management.

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Total Eligible Budget

111,079,215.80 €

INL Eligible Budget

14,508,043.62 €

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14,508,043.62 €

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