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Development and Industrial Validation of a Multimodal Virtual Prototyping for In-Car Design

Car manufacturers and all the third parties involved in the product development cycle, are increasingly interested in the exploitation of tactile sensation related to customers feeling toward the product in terms of safety, functionality and quality perception. It has been demonstrated that the customer’s evaluation of a product and its satisfaction are guided by the five human senses, where touch is the main one that reinforces the decision regarding the acquisition of a product.
In this project, we focus on the exploration of the tactile sensation in the design of specific components integrated into the cars interiors, where the project aims to achieve the following results:

  • A tactile probe to extract tactile features from real plastic components;
  • A computational model for correlating tactile sensation and object features to improve the product quality check in injection molding plastic components to meet the customers satisfaction;
  • An advanced virtual prototyping method based on multisensory stimulation to integrate the customers’ feedback in the product quality check and preference verification, in a virtual way, before it enters into injection molding phase of plastic components.

The solution presented by PRODUCT IN TOUCH seeks to standardize tactile sensation in a virtual environment to improve design, quality and manufacturing process in the injection molding of plastic components used in car interiors.

Total Eligible Budget

1,178,710.45 €

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434,011.43 €

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818,490.60 €

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325,508.57 €

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SI – Projetos em Copromoção

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North and Center of Portugal