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Intracellular Quantum Sensing Techniques for Personalized Medicines of Neurodegenerative Diseases

QUA-ND-O aims at developing QUAntum based sensing solutions to identify patterns of Neurodegenerative Disease (ND) that may lead to new Opportunities in finding personalized medicines. We propose to develop an all-optical method that allows nanoscale temperature and magnetic field sensing inside of cells at unprecedented spatial resolution. Recently it has been demonstrated that optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) signals of color centers in nanodiamonds, can be used to extract both parameters, temperature and magnetic field. The outstanding biocompatibility and photostability of fluorescent nanodiamonds shall be used to translate the sensing capabilities to biosensing and medical research. Both intracellular temperature and magnetic field could help establish a unique signature for ND (e.g Parkinson or Alzheimer) allowing obtaining either early diagnosis or understanding the mechanisms of protein aggregation within the disease.

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239,427.00 €

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201,439.50 €

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203,512.95 €

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171,223.58 €

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SAICT – Projetos de investigação cientifica e desenvolvimento tecnológico (IC&DT)

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