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Weighted Spintronic-Nano-Oscillator-based Neuromorphic Computing System Assisted by laser for Cognitive Computing

Throughout history, humankind has devoted significant effort to developing machines and tools that can mimic human functions, either relieving people of some of their hard work or surpassing their ability to do it in time or scale. One of the great frontiers is the development of computers that can mimic the human brain in things such as computational power, learning and energy efficiency. The term 'neuromorphic computing' was coined more than 30 years ago, and neuromorphic devices are an attempt to mimic aspects of the brain's architecture and dynamics to achieve these goals. The EU-funded SpinAge project is developing a novel neuromorphic computing system harnessing cutting-edge technologies that could enable an improvement in performance over current systems by at least 4 orders of magnitude, bringing us closer than we have ever been to mimicking the brain with a computer.

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3,913,767.50 €

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760,106.25 €

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3,913,767.50 €

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760,106.25 €

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RIA Research and Innovation action

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FET – Future Emerging Technologies

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