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Spintronics in Graphene

"The “Spintronics in Graphene” Training project (SPINOGRAPH) will create a European network of experts providing state-of-the-art training for early stage researchers (ESR) and Experienced Researchers (ER) in the blooming field of Spintronics in Graphene. The huge success of spintronics in metals which, starting from the pioneering discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR), has revolutionized the magnetoelectronics industry, and the remarkable progress in the fabrication of graphene devices, have naturally led to the exploration of spintronic devices based on graphene.

The primary objective of this network is to significantly enhance the employment prospects of E(S)Rs by: (a) choosing a scientific subject that has both a solid ground and an enormous scientific and industrial potential, (b) engaging E(S)R in research projects in world-leading laboratories, including those of 2 Nobel laureates and in collaboration with small and medium enterprises in the emerging industry of graphene (c) ensuring that all researchers receive scientific and complementary skills training that is critical both to academia and industry."

Total Eligible Budget

3,783,985.92 €

INL Eligible Budget

767,575.60 €

Total Funding

3,783,985.92 €

INL Funding

767,575.60 €

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