15th IUVSTA Nano-Optics School at INL

April 15, 2016

The 15th IUVSTA Nano-Optics School took place at INL from April 11-15.

About 65 participants attended lectures on topics like Nanoscopy; Super-resolution imaging/nano-imaging and microscopy techniques, near-field and far-field; Nano-plasmonics, nano-optical trapping., bio-plasmonic; Nano-(bio)photonics; Ultrafast and nonlinear optical process; Single-molecule techniques, optical spectroscopies; Solid-state lighting, human-centric lighting; and Applications in biophysics and medicine.

The full program is available here The students had the opportunity to participate in comprehensive tours through the INL facility and attend on-site short presentations made by INL researchers. Following the 15th IUVSTA Nano-Optics School, INL hosts, from Abril 15-17, the 122nd IUVSTA Executive Council Meeting ECM-122.