Delivering More and Better Science by Hiring new Talents

March 27, 2020

The INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, has opened positions and is hiring Research Engineers and also two Research Fellows to reinforce its ability to develop new projects and strengthen the internal capabilities, namely in the health cluster, which is now even more critical, following the global challenges we are all now facing under COVID-19 and the new INL Application Engineering Unit.

The hiring of new researchers will be particularly beneficial in areas such as diagnostics and prototypes development and to create a multidisciplinary team of Researchers and Engineers from different areas, namely Mechanical, Electric, Physics, and Computer Engineering to work very closely with each other and that will ensure continuity between the knowledge accumulated at INL and the existing knowledge in companies, enabling a faster and more effective data transfer. Each new member will bring their contribution to the team and to INL and will maximise the construction of very complex systems capable of responding to the cross-cutting needs of the companies with which they will be working on and with.

INL Director-General, Lars Montelius adds that “we at INL are conscious of our responsibility now that all the attention and hope turns to science and to the ones who work to solve complex problems like the pandemic that changed the way we live worldwide. That is why we need more people to develop and deliver science for the benefit of everyone. This is the time to make science stronger, and INL is fully committed with that mission”.

Apply today and be part of a unique international work environment in Braga, Portugal!