ISFGM 2024

ISFGM 2024

INL Cluster

September 29-October 2 | 2024

17th International Symposium on FUNCTIONALLY GRADED MATERIALS

Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) are multi-phase materials in which the micro- and/or nanostructure is manipulated in order to provide a non-uniform distribution of the different phases. The intention is to build different spatial or even time-dependent properties throughout the mass of a single component, giving multi-functionality and sensitivity to various external solicitations.

This is a multi-disciplinary field of work in which scientists with backgrounds in engineering and physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine are involved. Furthermore, the interest of industrials in this challenging field is high because new applications are continuously being discovered and developed to join those already existing in biomedical, biomechanical, automotive, aerospace, mechanical, civil, nuclear, and naval engineering.

It will be a major forum with opportunities for networking, exchanging experiences, discussing, and enhancing state-of-art techniques and recent developments in FGMs. 

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