FORGING – first scenario workshop on artificial intelligence

February 23, 2023

On the 16 and 17 February 2023 took place in Barcelona on the premises of i2CAT the first workshop on “Constructing Societal Scenarios for Artificial Intelligence (AI) ” organised in the framework of the FORGING Project.

AI, tech and social sciences experts worked together on a co-creation approach reflecting on the human and societal impacts of AI. The primary aim of this workshop was to confront societal futures with possibilities that emerging AI technologies may enable.

On the first day, together with the experts, the consortium partners focussed their efforts on identifying drivers and characteristics that define the societal futures of four different scenario skeletons, which are: group 1: continued growth; group 2: collapse; group 3: discipline; and group 4: technological transformation.

On the second day, all participants started creating narratives that describe the possibilities of AI applications for these scenarios. The overall workshop and the discussions in each group were facilitated by VTT.

In addition, this workshop gave the opportunity for exchanges between the project team and the experts and start the co-creation with the following underlying question: what is the role of Artificial Intelligence in society?

FORGING Project propose a new methodology that breaks linear innovation trajectories to stimulate new technological visions and pathways attentive to the environment and society, and human-centred in alignment with Industry 5.0. technological frameworks. FORGING will create enabling frameworks to accelerate the pick-up of novel and responsible enabling technologies: through the development of 6 Technological Pathways, emerging enabling technologies will be positioned at their maturity levels and their deployment and industry absorption will be promoted for positive societal impact.

For more information visit the FORGING Project, website.