hOLIVEcream – healthy creams based on olive oil enriched with red fruits

June 30, 2023

Currently, some strategies are focused on developing “clean label” products, which consider the current sustainability requirements, rely on natural products, and present a healthy nutritional profile. In this context, the project hOLIVEcream project aimed to create new creams that use vegetable fat and incorporate red fruits for pastry and bakery products. These products guarantee healthy lipidic profiles, with low saturated fat and high antioxidant content.

INL researchers were in charge of developing and characterising the new formulations. Decorgel has partnered with INL has obtained so these new solutions could be incorporated into creams to be used in pastry and bakery products. This project brought significant advantages, with the development and introduction in the market of noel products that currently do not exist internationally.

INL researchers thoroughly investigated the new fats to be incorporated in bakery and pastries, including textural, sensorial, rheological (deformation) and structural evaluations, at the micro and nanoscale. Buse Gurbuz, a researcher in the Food Processing and Nutrition research group at INL, explains that “all formulations were designed considering the characteristics of the products already used in the pastry sector, as a slight modification could alter the sensory perception of the final baking product”.

Olive oil, an endogenous Spanish and Portuguese product of high nutritional value, was selected as the central fat for the innovative products developed at INL.

The hOLIVEcream team gathered yesterday, at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory for its closing session and was co-financed by NORTE2020 and FEDER.