INL and IPROVA collaborate to make innovation reach a wider audience

July 30, 2019


INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, and IPROVA Sàrl, a Swiss Startup focused on improving the human invention process through Machine Learning, just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore business structures most suited to IPROVA technology, namely within the INL engagement with Startup Braga ecosystem. The agreement was closed between the Executive Vice-Director of Innovation of INL, Gary Heath, and IPROVA Founder and CEO, Julian Nolan, on the first of July, at Lausanne, Switzerland, where IPROVA is headquartered.

For Gary Heath, “this agreement represents the exploration of cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software for the innovation process for us in new fields and geographical areas and opens new possibilities of faster and more valuable IP centric project delivery”.

According to Julian Nolan “we can explore a geographical and technology expansion outside the current locations in London, Cambridge, California and Tokyo and our current field of expertise”.

IPROVA has been working for the last eight years on the best ways to integrate machine learning in the human invention process, to generate quicker and more valuable inventions than using the conventional methods, which rely mainly on a combination of chance and significant investments. IPROVA customer portfolio includes companies such as Nokia, Panasonic and Philips and is a strong proof of how its technology is helping companies of all sizes to push the boundaries of innovation while shortening the gap between the labs and the market.