INL Colloquium with Andrew deMello, Professor of Biochemical Engineering at ETH Zurich

October 19, 2023

Today INL hosted another captivating colloquium with Andrew deMello, Professor of Biochemical Engineering in the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences at ETH Zurich. His work focuses on combining optical microscopy and flow cytometry techniques to enable high-throughput imaging of cells within dynamic environments, offering a wealth of possibilities for biomedical research and diagnostics.

At the INL Colloquium, Andrew emphasized that while modern flow cytometers excel at high-speed processing, they often require significant sample and reagent volumes, and they lack spatial resolution within individual cells. In response to these limitations, deMello’s research has revolved around leveraging microfluidic systems for precise manipulation and high-throughput processing of micron-sized objects. He also explores innovative optical detection methods that allow the capture of clear images of swiftly moving objects.

Andrew de Mello’s presentation at the INL Colloquium shed light on the cutting-edge technologies and methods that are poised to reshape how we understand and analyse cellular dynamics. The event unfolded at INL’s auditorium with a diverse audience of researchers keen on unravelling the latest developments in the field of microfluidics for blood diagnostics.