INL is hiring over 100 positions in different fields of Science and Engineering

November 25, 2022

The INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is participating in 16 Agendas in the Recovery and Resilience Plans (PRRs) and we are now looking for more than 100 talented researchers eager to work in our cutting-edge and interdisciplinary organisation in different fields of science and engineering. These different calls aim to provide an opportunity for talented and motivated professionals, from all over the world and all nationalities to carry out ground-breaking research at INL in a highly stimulating and multicultural environment.

Regarding the agendas, these will be implemented until the end of 2025, comprising an overall investment of around 50 million Euros, and are divided into the following areas: Agrifood & Sea Economy (3), Clean Energy (4), Construction & Habitat (2), Health (3), Microelectronics & Industry (2) and Smart Mobility (2).

In general terms, the projects aim to develop new production processes, products, and services, stimulating the energy transition and carbon neutrality, innovation and sustainable management, and the circular economy or digital transformation in various sectors of the economy. These agendas also aim to contribute to internationalisation and the increase of exports, as well as to the creation of new jobs, increased productivity and greater investment in research and development.

According to data published, 51 consortia were chosen among the 144 that applied for the mobilizing agendas within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, in total public funding of 3 billion Euros.

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