INL researchers awarded with highly competitive FCT 2020 PhD Grants

November 18, 2020


A total of 11 researchers from INL were selected for the FCT 2020 PhD Grants that accepted almost 3800 applications, from which 1350 had a successful outcome, meaning an approval rate of 41,6%.

The grants from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) were attributed to INL PhD students Marina Alves , Pedro Centeno, António Oliveira, André Violas, Miguel Castillo, Cláudia Lopes, Filipa Peres, Michael Oliveira, Bruno Murta, Telma Domingues, and Cátia Rocha.

FCT PhD Programmes are expected to bring together higher education institutions (HEI), research institutions and industry (when relevant), aiming to promote world-class graduate education and research-based training, foster collaborations and sharing of resources between the different research institutions, to bolster the international quality and status of these institutions and equip students with the necessary transferable skills to become excellent scientists as well as active members of the communities they may find themselves in.

The 11 researchers, currently based at INL, will develop the work within their doctoral thesis in collaboration with Portuguese and Spanish universities such as the ones of Aveiro, Minho, or Santiago de Compostela.