INL took nanotechnology to the Switzerland-Portugal Science and Innovation Congress

May 16, 2019


Science and Innovation were the themes chosen to celebrate 100 years of bilateral diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Portugal, in an event promoted by the Swiss Embassy, last May 2-3, at Fundação Champalimaud, in Lisbon.

INL Director-General, Lars Montelius, was part of the panel of distinguished speakers who highlighted the excellence of scientific research carried out in both countries for the benefit of the global society.

Lars Montelius introduced the audience to the concept of a “Trillion Sensors Economy”, where everything can be connected and provide real-time information that is crucial for a diverse set of applications. It is not the future, it is happening now, and nanotechnology is at the heart of it as a key enabling technology.

This scientific conference was an opportunity to remember what ties Switzerland and Portugal together, and that science and innovation are great opportunities to make the relationship between the two nations grow even stronger.