(Link4S)ustainability, developing smart connected devices and platforms

August 30, 2022

The (Link4S)ustainability project aims to develop a novel generation of smart connected devices and platforms, targeting at the integration of networks of objects for new sustainability paradigms.

The threats, risks and challenges of climate change are huge and several strategies at European and global levels are being adopted in order to mitigate them. These strategies include the improvement of the energy and mobility, and are being explored as the main use cases of this project.

INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is working on the development of a flexible system-in-package hardware platform with sensing capabilities to monitor different relevant conditions that may include vibrations, magnetic fields, temperature, humidity, or gas.

As the project #Link4S progresses and the application case requirements are better quantified, the set of sensor technologies to be integrated in the final device will evolve.

The purpose of this integrated solution is to serve as a customisable embedded hardware IoT platform, integrating a dedicated microelectronic processing unit and multiple sensors in a single package. By enabling only the required integrated sensor peripherals, and configuring the data processing and network communication for a specific product or application, a long-term operation can be achievable.

INL is one of the partners of the project LINK4Sustainability, together with Wedo, Exatronic, REN, Portgás, Wyze, EVA, CEIIA, DTx, University do Minho, and led by NOS-C.