National Mourning Day in Portugal – 12th of November

November 12, 2020


INL associates to the National Mourning Day decreed by the Government of Portugal – one of INL Member-States – in memory of Gonçalo Ribeiro-Telles, a prominent Portuguese landscape architect, politician, and humanist, who was a pioneer in the respect for the environment when designing territorial organization plans.

Ribeiro-Telles had the rare quality of generating consensus around his ideas about ecology, as the means to promote the best possible interaction between the people and the territory, long before the need to protect the Planet was a commonly accepted truth.

For representing values and principles shared by INL, we pay tribute to his legacy, now that he left us after a long and meaningful life of service to others.

Gonçalo Ribeiro-Telles passed away on the 11th of November, at the age of 98 years old.