Theory of Quantum Nanostructures

Theory of Quantum Nanostructures

The group of Theory of Quantum Nanostructures explores the electronic and spin properties of quantum systems engineered with atomic scale precision. Our motivation comes primarily from the curiosity to understand fundamental open questions of quantum mechanics and many body physics. As a bonus, this field of research holds the potential to provide solutions to the challenges faced by the electronics industry to keep moving on with the miniaturization of electronic devices and to create a new technological revolution based on quantum technologies. Our work relies mostly on model Hamiltonians, occasionally on density functional theory (DFT) calculations, and very often in non-equilibrium quantum dynamics and quantum transport simulations. Most of our research in the last few years can be split in two main topics, dealing with Atomic scale quantum electronics and “Electronic properties of 2D Materials”.

Research lines:

  • Emergent electronic properties in Van der Waals heterostructures
  • Atom-by-atom design of quantum states
  • Quantum computing for quantum simulation



Bottom-up design and exploration of π-electron quantum magnetism


Twinning on Functional Layered Materials for Advanced Applications


Two dimensional magnetic semiconductors